If you try to install WinQSB on Windows 7 64-Bit, you will run into a bit of a problem. When you try and double click the setup icon, you will be greeted with an error message and the installation will immediately fail. Luckily there is a way to fix this! However you must have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate in order to run Windows XP Mode. If you have Home premium or Basic you are out of luck. The reason being is that you need to install Windows XP Mode in order for this to work, and windows xp mode is only compatible with professional, enterprise, and ultimate.

So lets get started! First you need to download and install Windows XP mode. Its quite straight forward, just navigate here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.asp and follow Microsoft’s instructions. Its very easy. Just select your operating system, then download and install the two pieces as directed.

Next once that’s taken care of…

  1. Insert your WinQSB CD into your CD-Rom drive.
  2. Find out what your CD-Rom’s drive label is in Windows 7. Mine was called drive “F”. You will need to remember this letter for XP mode
  3. Go to Start -> All Programs ->Windows Virtual PC -> and select Windows XP Mode
  4. Once XP mode has started, go to Start -> My Computer. You may notice that the CD-Rom says it isnt loaded. You need to scroll down and select the drive with the same letter as your optical drive had in the Windows 7 partition. It may look something like “F: on Matt-Vaio” as it did on my computer.

There you will see all of the WinQSB files on the WinQSB CD.

WinQSB setup windows xp mode

WinQSB CD Files in windows xp mode

Locate the icon that is titled “SETUP” and double click it. Follow the instruction and winQSB should install without a hitch.

Once the install is complete you will be presented with a window of all the applications. The Start Menu in the XP Mode window will also show all of WinQSB’s applications. Double click any of them to run them.

WinQSB 64bit install complete

WinQSB 64bit install complete

And here’s another image of me actually running one of the applications with my Windows 7 showing that it is indeed a 64-bit operating system I am running winQSB in. Click the image below to enlarge.

WinQSB 64bit install proof

WinQSB 64bit install proof

Next time you need to run one of the winQSB applications, you can actually launch and run it straight from windows 7 without having to go into XP mode. Just navigate to this area in the start menu to find the XP mode installed applications. See the image below. They will launch right inside windows 7 and act like any other application.

Run WinQSB inside windows7 64 bit

Run WinQSB inside windows7 64 bit

Hope this was helpful! Enjoy!


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